Pillsbury A Mill Visualization

The Pillsbury A Mill is a historic landmark on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was built in the 1880s and remained a functioning flour mill for over 100 years. Beneath the mill and extending outward for hundreds of feet are a series of beautifully constructed arched tunnels. These tunnels supplied turbines with water to generate electricity for the entire mill complex.

Artificial Natures helped VJAArchitects realize an interactive visualization of the water works under the mill. The visualization features realistic lighting, water and sounds. Initially viewers are taken through a tour of the water works and can then explore on their own and discover photos of the actual tunnels.

Production Team

Software development and effects: Artificial Natures
Modeling, video and documentation: Nate Stuerwald and Nat Madsen, VJAArchitects
Photography: Daniel R. Pratt
Project Coordinator: Schafer Richardson
Support from: St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board and Minnesota Historical Society


Interactive Visualization